Active Citizens Framework – Resources

maxresdefaultThis month we offer our final installment on the JCI Active Citizens Framework with Step 5 – Resources. If you’ve been following this series, then you know that the Step-by-Step guide offered by the Active Citizens Framework is your key to the process that gets you involved and creating change. Our mission is to empower Jaycees to develop and implement exciting, creative projects that educate and benefit our local communities. Our system is a proven success in helping you succeed by providing the framework, tools, and expertise to guarantee your project has a positive impact. We want you to change the world!

If you missed last month’s post on Monitoring and Evaluation – Step 4, click here.

To help you move through the Steps of your project, the Jaycees have provided a number of valuable resources that will ensure you stay focused on your progress and moving in a positive direction. For your use, there are videos and pdfs that explain and organize each step of the process. Additionally, there are web pages designed to share what others are doing for Active Citizens Framework projects, not just locally, but around the world. Whether you have a question about the Active Citizen Framework process, require a template for a needs analysis, or want to review the Project Planning Guide as you begin to assemble community partners for your project, the Resources page is where you will find it.

It’s time to hear more about your projects. Visit our Facebook and Twitter sites and tell us about your projects in progress. We want to hear about what works and how you’re making it happen! Help motivate your fellow Jaycees to action with your success, and together we can make great changes in our communities.