Celebrate 100 Years of JCI Impact

While 2015 marks JCI Florida’s 90th Anniversary, this year also marks the 100th Anniversary of when Henry Giessenbier began the organization that would become the United States Junior Chamber (Jaycees), and eventually JCI. Over the last 100 years, Jaycees have created positive change in their communities by building world-renowned burn centers, hospitals, and community parks; implementing programs to encourage voting; and fund-raised millions of dollars to help combat disease and improve people’s lives. Through all of these efforts, the real impact has been on the lives of our members. JCI has helped active young citizens in communities across the United States to become the leaders of the next generation, and thousands of individuals who learned their leadership skills through meeting the needs in their community are creating positive change around the world.

Want to be part of the celebration? Below are a few ideas to get you started:

THE 100th ANNIVERSARY TOOLKITDownload the Toolkit

Discover the 100th Anniversary of the JCI Movement toolkit, which includes innovative resources ranging from press kits to print ads, to help you and your community celebrate 100 years of impact.

Download yours at http://www.jci.cc/100years/tools


PROJECT IMPACT 100Conduct Project Impact 100

Celebrate 100 years of impact by empowering your community to take united action and impact the lives of 100 people. Use the JCI Active Citizen Framework to start organizing your Project Impact 100!

Get started at http://www.jci.cc/100years/impact100



Commemorating 100 years of impact, we want to hear your stories of local projects, initiatives, events and the positive change created. Fill out this form to share your JCI Organization’s history.

Submit yours at http://www.jci.cc/100years/yourlocalstory


PLAN A DOCUMENTARY SCREENINGPlan a Documentary Screening

Share JCI’s past, present, and future of action and impact with your local community through a movie screening of the JCI documentary showcasing 100 years of impact.

Learn more at http://www.jci.cc/100years/celebrate#y100Cs3