Getting Involved: Community Engagement Key to Building Real Life Skills

community engagementBetween life and all that it encompasses – work, family, friends and of course, the Jaycees – little time remains to engage in the community that surrounds us. It is easy to feel overscheduled, but it’s important to remember all we can gain as businessmen and women by giving more attention to the causes that need it most. That’s right – giving back to your community can actually give you beneficial skills for life in return.

Young professionals often participate in their communities as both betterment to themselves and their local neighborhood. What many Jaycees and other participants may not realize is that community engagement can also lead to establishing relationships, building trust, refining leadership skills and more. What you are doing by becoming more involved is actually the gaining skills that will ultimately set you apart from others in the real world.

As you participate in your community, professionals can get a better sense of your identity while also learning the importance of social responsibility and the advantages that networking has to offer. Want to play an even larger role in your community? Consider organizing a community event of your own or with the help of fellow Jaycees members.

Oftentimes young entrepreneurs let their busy schedules dictate what they do or do not have the time to achieve. Be sure that you are setting aside extra time to become more engaged in your community – don’t forget that you are helping yourself as much as the people around you. Do you have any suggestions on becoming more involved in your community? Visit our Facebook and Twitter and let us know!