Happy New Year

happy-new-year-2015-greetings-hdHappy New Year to all our fellow Jaycees and their families! We wish you all the best for 2015 in your personal and professional lives. We want to help you achieve as much as possible this year, and to help you get started, there is an interesting article from Slate that discusses how to make better New Year’s resolutions. Interestingly enough, some experts suggest that you plan to do less this year.

This is probably counter-intuitive to everything you’ve been taught over the years, but the concept makes sense. Most folks believe they perform better under pressure, and that the more they have on their plate, the more will get completed. But this may not always be true. Too many projects and tasks can lead to clutter – both on your desk and in your mind. This lack of clarity can hurt your ability to stay organized and reduce your overall productivity.

From Slate, “The researchers argue that when busy people get busier, it leads to ignored deadlines, a cluttered desk, and a vicious cycle of falling further and further behind. Amid the disorder, a lot of bad decisions get made, and the best means of escape from this cycle may be a moratorium on new obligations.”

So what can you do? It’s hard to walk into your manager’s office, or mention to your spouse that you’re planning on doing less this year. Instead, develop more extensive plans to help ensure that the tasks you do focus on get completed. This will help show that you are staying busy and dedicated, and lets you avoid having to explain why you have a bunch of incomplete projects on your task list throughout the year.

Have a great New Year and be ready to get back to your achievements in January. But before you do…share with us any of your good strategies for starting the year right. Our Facebook and Twitter pages are just waiting for your input.