Holiday Season Primer

happy-holiday-fun-facts_50d240d661e9c_w1500.pngYou knew we wouldn’t leave you out in the cold. We prepped you with facts for your Fourth of July bar-b-cue…we helped you look like a champ with interesting Thanksgiving stats…now it’s time to brush up on your random holiday knowledge and solidify your reputation as the go-to person for fascinating discussions. Whether it’s your next Jaycee event, work holiday party, or family get together, drop a few of these little-known facts and be the hit of the evening.

Fact #1: Between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve the U.S. Postal Service stays busy – real busy – delivering about 20 billion cards and packages during that time period.

Fact #2: The origin of the candy cane comes from 1600s Germany, when a choir leader passed out sugar sticks bent into the shape of a shepherds’ crook to keep his younger singers quiet during service. Today, almost 2 billion candy canes are produced for the holiday season.

Fact #3: Each year, almost 6,000 people report to their local emergency rooms suffering from injuries obtained while decorating for the holidays.

Fact #4: Total spending on Black Friday in 2013 amounted to $57.4 billion, with an average consumer shelling out $407.

Fact #5: Over 33 million real Christmas trees are sold per year, with each taking an average of seven years to grow to maturity.

Fact #6: Two weeks before Christmas is one of the most popular times to break up with your significant other. However, if you can make it to the holiday – Christmas Day is one of the least common days to split.

Fact #7: Santa Claus is based on a real person – St. Nikolas Myra. In addition to childhood hero, he is also the patron saint of banking, pawnbroking, pirating, butchery, sailing, thievery, orphans, royalty, and New York City.

You are now well armed to keep the conversation going, and drop some knowledge on a few of your friends and associates. The only thanks required is that you let us know what excitement you’ve got planned for the next couple of weeks. Share some good stories with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and above all, have a happy and safe holiday!