JCI USA – Leadership Training University (LTU)

LTU logoLeadership Training University (LTU) brings together incoming leaders from across the country for an intensive multi-state conference to learn everything they need to know to run their chapters in the coming year.

Session topics include:

– making an impact in your community

– understanding what constitutes a healthy chapter

– keeping chapters legally and financially compliant

– building strong chapter boards

– effective communication with members, potential members, and civic leaders

– understanding the membership database, the website, and other tools and resources

Attendees will meet with National Officers and review plans of action.  A highlight of the conference will be the inauguration of chapter officers!

All locations are open to all chapter leaders.  You are welcome to attend the one of your choice.

LTU Dates & Locations:

January 9 – 10  – Philadelphia, PA
January 23 – 24 – Las Vegas, NV
January 30 – 31 – Atlanta, GA
February 6 – 7 – Omaha, NE
February 13 – 14 – St. Louis, MO

For more info. visit:  https://www.jci.cc/event/ltu2015