JCI World Congress 2015 – November 3-8, 2015 – Kanazawa, Japan

JCI World Congress 2015

November 3-8, 2015, members from across the globe come together for the peak of the JCI year at JCI World Congress. At this global forum international officers will be elected for the upcoming year. JCI Members also explore ideas for international initiatives and recognize the achievements of outstanding active citizens. With JCI in more than 100 countries and territories, members have the opportunity to meet fellow citizens from highly diverse backgrounds. JCI Members will share experiences and find new ways to create positive change on both local and global levels. At this event, JCI’s critical mass of young people will unite to magnify the positive impact of the JCI movement.

Interested in attending joining over 10,000 fellow Jaycees celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Jaycee movement? Come to World Congress in Kanazawa, Japan!

Download the ONTO Kanazawa Package (designed just for JCI USA members) to learn everything you need to know (including how to make monthly payments to make the trip affordable). Hurry, package is only available through April 1st!