JCI Programs, offered locally, nationally, and internationally, provide members opportunities to learn, achieve, and inspire active citizenship while engaging their communities in new and innovative ways.


This program is JCI USA’s number one tool for member activation & retention. It’s designed for members to achieve the maximum value from their Jaycee membership by being an active member. A mobile app helps members track their progress under the supervision of their chapter president.


Public Speaking Championship
Public speaking is a critical skill for leaders to motivate others toward positive change.  At the JCI World Public Speaking Championship, members face the challenge of expressing creative ideas in a clear and captivating manner.

Debating Championship
Debating skills equip members to resolve conflicts, respect differences and overcome obstacles. Discussing topics that range from profound to comical, contestants argue their truth, relevance and accuracy.  Capacity-building events like this build a foundation of teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving that members use to address issues in their local communities.


Providing development opportunities that empower young people is an essential part of the JCI Mission.  JCI Training provides opportunities for JCI Members to improve themselves and use those skills to improve the world around them.  Better leaders, better citizens, better societies.

JCI Courses

    • JCI Achieve
    • JCI Admin
    • JCI Impact
    • Networking
    • Effective Communications
    • Effective Meetings
    • Presenter
    • Social Responsibility