Trends in Leadership

LeadershipThere has been a lot of discussion lately regarding gender workplace issues. Questions such as, why don’t women receive equal pay to men? Do glass-ceilings still exist for females on the corporate ladder? Moreover, do men naturally function better in certain jobs? However, new research presenting the most effective leadership traits as being historically defined as “feminine” may change the way both male and female leaders are evaluated.

Columnist Leigh Buchannan writes in about the trend towards a “softer” leadership style. Buchannan cites a study of over 64,000 people worldwide in which respondents were asked to evaluate traits as related to effective leadership. The results showed that rather than rating masculine traits such as aggressiveness, decisiveness, and independence as positive leadership, subjects were more likely to link “feminine” traits such as patience, communicativeness, loyalty, and flexibility to stronger leadership.

As an organization that strives to empower young professionals, the projects we develop and execute focus on principles that align strongly with this research. Whether encouraging project ideas from Jaycees regardless of gender, to creating strong lines of communication for all relevant parties, and developing plans for sustainability, we are at the forefront of developing young leaders.

Buchannan continues with analysis that sounds a lot like our Jaycee membership, “The most professionally successful are givers who also possess a strong sense of self-worth. These people—who are generous with their time, connections, and ideas—create rich networks wherein the norm is to add value to another’s lives and work.”

By being an active member of the Jaycees, you have a great start towards being an effective leader. Take advantage of trainings at your local, state, and national levels to perfect your craft…and most importantly, get involved.

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