Understanding the Active Citizen Framework – Part 4

This month, we continue our series on the JCI Active Citizen Framework with Step 4 – Monitoring and Evaluation. Do you want to help change the world? The Active Citizen Framework is your step-by-step guide to getting involved, and started down the path to success. Our process helps Jaycees develop and implement projects that empower and educate young adults, and have a real impact in their local communities.  The system works – and we offer you the framework, tools, and expertise to create your own change. We want to see you succeed in making a difference, and as fellow Jaycees, we’re ready to help!

If you need a refresher on last month’s topic, Step 3 – Taking Action With Partners, click here.

From your project planning through completion, it is important to monitor, evaluate, and report on progress. Beyond measuring impact as a great way to stay motivated, you and your partners are able to compare actual progress versus the goals that you set in earlier project phases. During the evaluation step, you can answer questions such as, “Did we solve the problem?”, “Should we make any adjustments?”, and “How do we ensure the impact is sustainable?”

Through monitoring, evaluating, and reporting, you maintain the flexibility to adapt your project implementation to changing conditions to aid in immediate success, with the ability to change guaranteeing a long-term, sustainable solution.

Take a few minutes and review the resources provided for this step in the Active Citizen Framework – watch the video and learn more about the user-friendly process of staying on top of progress and assuring a positive outcome for your next project!

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