US Jaycees Foundation Seeks Help With Disaster Relief

Dear Fellow Jaycees,

As many of you have seen or heard over the last few weeks, there have been many natural disasters that have happened around our great country over the spring of 2014, from tornados in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Mississippi to massive flooding in Florida along with many other states.  On behalf of the United States Jaycees Foundation we wish to send our thoughts and prayers to all those affected by these incidents.

As usual, we know that Jaycees across America are reacting and acting to help those that are in need in these affected areas.

We wanted to reach out to each of you, to let you know the trustees of US Jaycees Foundation and the Disaster Relief Committee are here to help and assist you in your efforts to provide needed resources and funds to those in need.

We are setting up an on-line donation link at where you or anyone who wishes to help can make a tax free donation for disaster relief. (Look for ‘Spring 2014’)

If your local organization (chapter) is working to provide assistance, you can request funds from the Disaster Relief Fund by submitting a grant request.  This form can also be found on the Foundation website.

Please remember that the US Jaycees Foundation is here to assist the US Junior Chamber in any way possible, but we can only do this through your continued involvement.  Please take a moment to make a donation or become a recurring donor to help continue the work of organization.

Jaycees — it is time we do what we do best – help those who need a hand to get back on their feet, or maybe just a hand to dig out of a difficult situation.  You have seen the pictures on the news – the time to act is NOW!!!

In the name of Jaycees everywhere – God Bless you all.

WE BELIEVE – That Service to Humanity is the BEST WORK of LIFE!


John Weber Chairman Disaster Relief Committee

Raj Nadkarni Chairman of the USJC Foundation